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Software as a Service’ SaaS systems solutions provide our clients with clear advantages in providing dispersed users with time and location flexible and secure access to their data, documents, and reports through just an Internet browser.

No longer does work have to stop because users are not at their desk in the office. The browser connection can be made available anywhere and at any time 24x7 while ‘on the road’ (laptop) or working from a customer office or from home.

Customers can also be given selected secure access that assists to keep business transactions flowing.

And the same applies to your business partners.

SaaS Concept

Examples of SaaS projects undertaken by Kandysoft include

Product: Cerebiz on-demand
Cerebiz on-demand for MYOB provides your business with the key performance data in the shape of dashboards, graphs, reports, and ‘drill down’ facility to run your business better.

Benefits include:
Improve cash flow - monitor cash against past and future cash flow projections, track debtor payment trends, manage credit.

Increase profitability - track profit contribution by customer, product, job, sales person, and  territory.

Improve data visibility - identify positive and negative trends using graphs, instantly drill down into data that does not measure up to pin point the cause.

Reduce errors and costs - eliminate the cost and trouble of spreadsheets and errors due to double  handling of data, including between your business and your external accountants.

Access data 24x7 - use your Internet browser from anywhere, any time to access data via a secure connection.

Easily share data - improve and speed up communications with business partners through sharing selected data without double handling.

Automatically control data accessibility - control staff and external advisor and partner access to data.

Cerebiz on-demand

Web Site www.cerebiz.com   Brochure (Adobe Acrobat PDF File) Download brochure  

Product: Dianome - Sales and Distribution automation for product distribution
Dianome is a software application that is deployed by the manufacturer (or importer) of products in order to link the business processes together throughout the distribution chain.

In the highly competitive world of product marketing the distribution pipeline is both necessary for reaching the market but at the same time distances the key market decision makers from the consumers. At each horizontal level in the distribution pipeline sophisticated IT systems may exist to manage and analyse sales, inventory, and customer relationships but transfer of information between these layers is poor.

Dianome Business Model

Web Site www.dianome.com   Brochure (Adobe Acrobat PDF File) Download brochure  

Product: Metabiz Maintenance Management System
The MetaBiz – Computerized Maintenance Management System – Is a State of the art Software application that provides a full set of functions and features for easy and efficient management and maintenance of multi-tenanted commercial buildings.

Metabiz Overview

Kandysoft specializes in the design, development, delivery, implementation, operation (on your infrastructure if required), and support of SaaS applications for your core business needs as well as ancillary and complementary applications.

Kandysoft can also convert your current customized 'strategic business applications' to a SaaS method and platform.

The projects can be fixed price, based on a staged approach where completion of each stage solidifies the deliverable and price for the next stage.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.